If you are interested in hiring the hall for your own event then please contact the Booking Secretary to establish availability.

Then to formally apply to use the hall for an event - please download the appropriate forms from this page. These are in printable A4 format.


Hire charges


These vary from £10 to £70 per session for the main hall and between £5 to £40 for the committee room.
Please download the detailed hire costs here.

Hire Agreement


If you would like to organise a a regular event, such as a series of classes, or a one off event, such as a party or wedding, then please download the terms and conditions of use here.


Serving Alcohol


If you would like to serve alcohol at your event, regardless of whether its free or for sale, you will need permission to do so.
Please download the Supply of Alcohol application form here.





If you are hiring the hall you will need our checklist to help ensure you meet the terms and conditions of hire. Please download your checklist here.